Mar 02, 2011
24 Carat Talent
GoldRush - It's When I Miss All Of You (Original Mix) [Generation Bass]
GoldRush - PopRocks (Original Mix) [Generation Bass]
GoldRush - Carpe Diem For Lovers (Original Mix) [Generation Bass]

I’ve never been surprised to see tons of talent come out of California, but the recent surge in the past few years of both quantity and more importantly, quality, has left the world in awe. The scene is constantly evolving, and producers are constantly stepping up their game. Here we see a prime example in Goldrush, a young dubstepper from Los Angeles who so humbly offers what the industry is constantly begging for: a fresh new perspective to a flooded, and sometimes watered-down music scene.

Released yesterday, Goldrush’s newest EP Love Hz brings us a variety of sounds, from 8-bit electro influences to a very refined and open-minded breath of dubstep. The first track I’ve got off the EP for you is Carpe Diem For Lovers. Simply put, this track is an acoustically driven, symphonically influenced love affair between a classical composer and a contemporary dubstep producer. I’m sure that description got you to start the track if you hadn’t already, and I’m sure you’ll love it once you have, so I’ll just leave this one right here.

The next track, It’s When I Miss All Of You, comes off as equally diverse. Greeting you with a sultry, laid back rhythm, this one progresses into a moody, grinding, yet somehow restrained bassfest. I see some direct influence from Icelandic experimental group Mum in this track–a wonderful compliment that I wasn’t sure would ever apply to a track I’d call dubstep.

The last tune I’ve got from the EP is PopRocks. Truth be told, naming a song after the legendary candy definitely leaves some big expectations. Welp, Expectations effing filled! You get what you hope for in this one, with sparse, 8-bit melodies over some wicked and funky bass. I could see this track played just about anywhere, be it in an Ed Banger compilation, or at your nearest club from the unknown DJ who just happened to have it.