Oct 16, 2011
21 & Colombian
KhoMha - 507 (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]

At the Electric Daisy Carnival this year Markus Schulz dropped a banger of a track that sent the crowd absolutely reeling. That familiar moment had again arrived where the internet became absolutely buzzing with trance fans searching for more information on what had just happened to them. Unfortunately for all of us, very little information surfaced for quite some time, but the veil has finally been lifted to reveal the details. The track, entitled 507 comes to us courtesy of Medellin, Colombia-based producer KhoMha, aka Halbro. He has a new EP on Coldharbour, has the support of many big names in the scene such as Markus Schulz, and is only 21. Wow.

The way I see it, 507 tells the tale of war. The track begins with tension rising among the nations of the world, escalating toward an explosion of all-out world war. In a final attempt at peace, one nation of the world offers a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Slowly others realize the piercing clarity offered by the proposition, but alas–enslaved by pride, the opposition cannot compromise, and soon after the blood begins to spill as opponents battle it out to the bitter end. But then, late into the battle, just as all seems lost, a glimmer of hope shines in the dark night as the forces of good overcome the darkness and end the suffering of nations once and for all. Easily one of my favorite tracks of the year–I hope you all enjoy it!