Oct 06, 2011
20K Fans, A Song, & A Facebook App
The Prodigy - Hyperspeed (G-Force Part 2) (Starchild's 2011 Mix) [LessThan3]

The time has come for another celebration, this time of our 20,000th fan on our Facebook page. What do we have in store for you for our new milestone? A new exclusive download and a Facebook app, of course.

Our exclusive download for you comes once again from LessThan3 artist Starchild, who this time has given the remix treatment to The Prodigy’s Hyperspeed (G-Force Part 2), morphing it into a pumping, hard-trance-meets-dubstep smasher unlike anything we’ve heard before. Get your free HQ download here (right click and “save as”). On top of that, we have just launched our new Facebook app, which can be viewed here. This app takes the entire functionality of the LessThan3 site and embeds it into your Facebook page, so you don’t have to leave Facebook to hear the latest and greatest in EDM. Enjoy, LT3-ers, and thank you for all of the support. <3