Apr 16, 2015
The 15 Most Quotable Quotes From IMS Engage

IMS Engage had its third outing at the W Hollywood on April 15, and the electronic music industry turned up in droves for a day of networking, panels, and music. Keeping true to its unique format, IMS Engage’s panels were made up of only two people in a Q&A/interview scenario. Krewella and Zhu manager Jake Udell and record executive Lyor Cohen, Seth Troxler and Public Enemy’s Chuck D, and Pete Tong and the legendary Quincy Jones were just a few of the pairings that took place.

As you can probably imagine, when you put intelligent industry people on stage with a microphone, Tweetable quotes ensue. Below are some of our personal favorites from the day.

“I believe that subscription streaming is going to restore the health of the artist and label community. It’s not really debatable.” – Lyor Cohen

“A great idea is fabulous–execution is key. A lot of people don’t understand how difficult it is to acquire a paid subscriber.” – Lyor Cohen on Tidal

“I didn’t sign Kygo because I don’t do bidding wars.” – Lyor Cohen

“After DJ AM passed away no one really filled the open format DJ void. There was such an energy around him.” – David Grutman

“What’s interesting about electronic music is it moves so fast. Whatever sound design is currently in vogue is going to be done in a week.” – Kaskade

“I chose the name Kaskade because I was writing about my life. I felt much more exposed, so I didn’t want to use my real name.” – Kaskade

“I don’t like the term “future house.” House is the future. We’ve been living in the future since 1982.” – Kaskade

“The reason dance music exists is because of its positivity.” – Stuart Price

“When I talk to people who are making music now, something that comes up a lot is ‘I don’t know how to bring this all under control.’ They’re drowning under the limitless possibilities and accessibility of computers.” – Stuart Price

“Taking people on a journey is the fundamental element of underground dance music. I don’t sell records.” – Seth Troxler

“Underground dance music has been pumping up the balloon for decades, and the EDM newcomers are threatening to pop it.” – Seth Troxler

“Make sure your music is better than the drug at the gig.” – Chuck D

“If you don’t know music, you work for Protools. If you know music, Protools works for you.” – Quincy Jones

“You can’t get an A if you’re afraid of getting an F.” – Quincy Jones

“Yeah they stole it, that’s why they gotta pay for it.” – Quincy Jones on the Blurred Lines lawsuit

All photos by Drew McClellan.