Jan 06, 2014
14 Things That Completely Suck About EDM Culture

It’s no surprise that the population of the EDM family grew tremendously in 2013. This inevitably put our culture under the media microscope. While it might seem like all fun and games to outsiders, we have to admit, the scene does have its flaws. Here are 14 things we hate most about being an EDM fan.

1. Waiting in the parking lot after a rave or festival

EDC, anyone?


2. Phone problems

But seriously, put your phones down and enjoy.

phone problems

3. Leaving the dancefloor to find water

Clark Griswold’s trek through the desert was nothing in comparison.

need water

4. Trying to find your friends

… If you’re lucky enough to be able to send messages.

big crowds

5. When the lights come on in the club

Everything is so much prettier in the dark. Buzzkill.


6. Having drinks spilled on you

Honestly, officer, I haven’t been drinking tonight… even though I smell like a bar.

sloppy drinkers

7. Creepers

You know who you are.


8.Being forced to listen to FM radio

When your iPhone is dead and you don’t have any other options.

FM radio

9. When festival tickets sell out

Or you miss early bird prices due to overloaded ticket servers.

festival tickets

10. Bad music videos

Enough live recap videos, already. That’s not a music video.

bad videos

11. When someone else wins a ticket giveaway

After you’ve spent hours tweeting, sharing, and begging friends to do the same.

sore losers

12. When celebs try to cash in on the culture

Sorry, guys. Nice try, but this is a private club.


13. When someone talks over the drop

Excuse me while I lose my shi*t.

bad friends

14. When people say ‘EDM music’

I’m sorry. We can no longer be friends.