Jan 21, 2014
13 Things Carnage Might Say

Love him or hate him, LA-based DJ Carnage keeps himself in the spotlight with a steady stream of big-ticket bookings, popular releases, and a very unique persona, both on and offline.

The most captivating of new Carnage action comes courtesy of both the Pompano Beach Police Department and the vast amount of creativity and time to be killed online.

First, Carnage was reportedly “held” by police in Florida early Jan. 19 after over-playing his set by 45 minutes, although initial reports said he was actually arrested. One fan captured the moment from backstage in a Tweet:

Carnage apparently left gracefully and with a smile, sharing later via Twitter that the situation was diffused.

But around the time of this event arose another voice claiming to be the stream of consciousness from the world-famous DJ (not really).

Much like the above Florida situation, Carnage shares much of what goes through his life and his head on his social media accounts. But what about the things he doesn’t share (but we suspect he’s thinking)? Enter @DJCarnageLives, a clever and (forgive us) spooky-accurate parody Twitter account. Enjoy a few examples of Carnage’s digital doppelganger’s musings on the life we know… as he alone allows it to exist…

…on sportsmanship.

…on recent accomplishments.

…on perseverance.

…on mortality.

…on individuality.

…on personal success.

…on the afterlife.

…on storytelling.

…on physics.

…on digital communication.

…on mathematical theory.

…on fashion.