Sep 21, 2011
1, 2, 3, It's 143
Stephan Jacobs & Love & Light - That's So Cali [Muti]
Stephan Jacobs & Love & Light feat Naada - Sound Da Bass [Muti]
Stephan Jacobs & Love & Light feat Delvo - The One [Muti]

In EDM, big names carry a heavy burden. Heavy-hitting artists have expectations to fulfill. Not just for fans, but for critics too–and most of all, for themselves. Big names owe it to themselves and to the EDM community in general to keep pumping out fire, to keep pushing the envelope: to put it bluntly, they had better deliver. 143 is a new collaborative release between the legend, Stephan Jacobs, and the always impressive Love & Light. The four track EP is chockful of nothing less than glitchy, bassed-out bangers featuring other scene names. This is one of those releases that exemplifies the marriage between glitch hop and dubstep.

That’s So Cali is unsurprisingly an excellent track. This music is… well… so Cali, that the song practically named itself. It’s a pretty good look at the sound of the album, sure to leave you wanting more. Sound Da Bass echoes back the first track with equal west coast illness, but grimier bass, while the vocal melodies on the track The One add considerable depth to an otherwise booming track. If you’re a fan of the genres, this is one of those EPs that you’ll just have to grip; if you don’t, you’re missing out!