Oct 17, 2010
1000+ Facebook Likes
MSTRKRFT - 1,000 Cigarettes [Dim Mak]

We want to issue a huge thank you to all of our readers and fans because today we reached a big milestone! Over 1000 of you are now fans of our website on Facebook. We cannot express to you in words how much joy and pleasure it brings us to be received so well. As you probably know, we work really hard to make sure that we are delivering hot content with interesting write-ups, comprehensive event coverage, and simply taking charge of spreading electronic dance music (EDM) across the states. It’s people like you who are helping us in our cause to bring this new age of music to the forefront of the American scene.

Not only are you doing that, but you are also in some ways contributing towards international awareness and human unification. Great dance music is produced and spun all around the world; it is our mission to help expand our horizons in order for music fans to be exposed to new sounds and concepts from other cultures.

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