Jun 03, 2015
Major Lazer x Jack U Collab + 9 More Things From Their Reddit AMA

Fresh off the release of their third studio album, Peace Is The Mission, Major Lazer–minus Jillionaire who was stuck in traffic–hosted a Reddit AMA to talk to fans. While they avoided questions regarding Mat Zo’s comments on Diplo’s alleged ghost producing, as well as the reasoning behind Diplo’s breakup with Switch, we did get some juicy info on a plethora of upcoming new releases, production advice, and a tip for booty-shakers interesting in getting on stage with the group.

1. There is a Jack U and Major Lazer collab coming.

THIS is gonna be a big one!

2. Weed Man and the rest of the music from Major Lazer’s cartoon are going to be released at the end of summer.

gonna put out all the music from the cartoon at the end of the summer! like 40 songs tho we have to choose what to work on

3. A Diplo, Jauz, and Tinashe collaboration is forthcoming.

diplo x Jauz x tinashe song is gonna be big

4. El Cuco, the unreleased track featuring Skrillex and G Dragon, will be released soon.

next album.

5. Diplo still has beef with M.I.A.

i think she unfollowed me again

6. Five new tracks with are on the way, including her new single.

she amazing. we did about 5 records already and a new song for her called Kamikaze.. its dope af

7. The new Major Lazer tour will feature only Major Lazer music.

major lazer new tour is basically all major lazer songs and edits.. we do a lot of the new slow stuff like be together with an amazing stage and dance routine

8. Want to learn how to produce? Start with the drums.

start with drum programming.. some great records are only drums like hot boy

9. Major Lazer is getting Iggy with it.

big new song with major lazer and konshens and iggy azealia and benny blanco

10. How we can get up on stage to shake our bubble butts.

pay a security guard to lift u over the gate and put u on stage