Sep 11, 2013
10 Of The Sexiest DJs Under 30
We’ll never be certain about what exactly it is that makes a musician so sexy, but one thing is for sure: it has less to do with their looks than their attitude, style, and musical talent. We’re casting a spotlight on 10 artists who just so happen to embody all of these attributes. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they’re all incredibly easy on the eyes.
Anna Lunoe
There’s nothing sexier than a triple threat, and Anna Lunoe is living proof of this. Her signature blend of tropical-infused house and indie pop combines effortlessly with her delicate vocals. The result is uniquely feminine, highly danceable, and tremendously refreshing. To boot she has mixed fashion show soundtracks for brands like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Hugo Boss; and Real Talk, her collaboration with fellow Aussie Touch Sensitive, was #1 on the Beatport Indie Club chart for an unprecedented 3 months. What’s that you say? You think you might be in love with Anna Lunoe? Yeah, we know the feeling.

Con los terrorístas! He’s the man responsible for the Harlem Shake seen and heard ’round the world. Harry Rodrigues, better known as Baauer, is one of the most dynamic live performers we’ve ever seen, and arguably was one of the earliest pioneers of trap music as we know it today. And well, pioneers are sexy, right? He also rocks a hoodie like it’s nobody’s business.

He’s French, he’s head of Bromance Records, and he’s got a smile that will make you weak in the knees. After announcing that Bromance would be partnering up with OWSLA to launch an American branch of the esteemed label, Brodinski also kicked off a Bromance US Fall Tour, and released his Gimme Back The Night EP featuring Theophilus London. In an interview with MixMag Brodinski exclaimed, "I just want people to have fun when I play…I just want to be a DJ. I don’t need to be the biggest one." Swoon!

Flume feat. T.Shirt - On Top (Original Mix) [Future Classic]
Flume has been making our hearts flutter since we first heard Sleepless, and since then he’s taken the U.S. by storm with his top-shelf beats, impossibly cute smile and adorable Aussie accent. Harley Streten, the man behind Flume, describes the project’s sound as “experimental electronica with a strong hip hop influence," or simply, “flume step" (as it’s labelled on his SoundCloud). In 2012 his stunning self-titled debut album reached number 1 on Australia’s iTunes chart–an impressive feat for someone who first began producing music using a basic production disc found in a cereal box. Did we also mention he’s insanely attractive?

It’s his brooding, mysterious temperament coupled with his dark, often violent style of techno that attracts us to Gesaffelstein like moths to the flame. That and the fact that he looks unbelievably sexy behind the decks wearing a suit and smoking a cigarette. French luxury brand Givenchy apparently took notice, and used his track Viol for their Fall/Winter 2012-2013 campaign video (watch here).

Jahan Yousaf
There’s no denying that Jahan Yousaf pretty much oozes sex appeal. As one of the leading ladies of Krewella, Jahan also proves that she has the songwriting and vocal chops to hold her own in elevating the trio to where they are now. After signing to Columbia Records, making the rounds of the major music festival circuit, and the release of their Get Wet album set for September 24, Krewella has the makings to be one of the biggest acts in EDM today. And with Jahan Yousaf at the mic, well, let’s just say we’re ready to Get Wet.

j.phlip - Big Ass, Party Hat (Original Mix) [dirtybird]
She puts the ass in booty bass, and holds her own on the decks as well as in the studio in a generally male-dominated sphere. As an official member of the dirtybird crew, j.phlip is guaranteed to make asses shake and booties clap on the dance floor… and she’ll look cute as hell doing it. Needless to say, seeing her live is always a treat. Catch her this Fall with dirtybird head honcho Claude VonStroke on his Urban Animal tour.

Porter Robinson
Maybe it’s his 8-bit Jolteon necklace, or the fact that he’s so well-spoken, or the rad stuff he posts on his personal Tumblr, but Porter Robinson has a certain mystery about him that’s, quite frankly, incredibly sexy. When asked on his Tumblr why he “hates self promo so much," he simply replied, “tacky." Porter’s sexiness stems from the simple fact that he lets his music speak for itself. He caught our attention with Say My Name, had us at Hello, and captured our hearts with Language.

Ryan Hemsworth
Last fall Diplo introduced Ryan Hemsworth on his Diplo & Friends Radio 1 show as “one of the best DJs with the worst names." But with a smile as achingly adorable as Ryan’s and an EP as uniquely precious as Still Awake, we don’t really care what his name is. Two EPs and a slew of singles later Ryan has managed to hone in on his signature sound, which is a playful and oftentimes introspective blend of hip hop, pop, and indie. His upcoming Feeling’s Mutual Tour with Cyril Hahn is not to be missed!

Zedd feat. Hayley Williams - Stay The Night (Original Mix) [Interscope]
He’s been making hearts melt around the world with his infectious electro anthems and baby blue eyes. In less than 3 (lol) years Zedd has managed to accomplish what many budding producers only dream of: he got signed to Interscope records, released a chart-topping debut album Clarity, and has produced tracks for the likes of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. He has also just released the long-awaited Stay The Night, an insanely catchy tune featuring Hayley Williams from Paramore. Oh, and remember that time he ran out on stage in his underwear during Deadmau5′ set at Ultra…? Sigh.