As you may have gathered from some of my previous editorials, I, along with much of the US dance music community, have been stuck in some sort of purgatory-like rut for the last 12-24 months. We’ve been trying to pull ourselves out of the EDM mire, but are unsure how to arrive at the musical equilibrium that many European countries [...]
ALSO READ PT. 1: What If Swedish House Mafia Never Broke Up? An Alternate 2015 In 1969, Eric Clapton was famously reported to be tapped to join The Beatles if George Harrison didn’t return to the group after quitting. In a similar story that very easily could’ve happened if Swedish House Mafia never got off the ground in 2008, what if [...]
2015 should’ve been Swedish House Mafia’s biggest year ever. In not becoming #1 artists in America–a goal that was well within their reach with one more recording and tour–Swedish House Mafia fell short of their ultimate success. What if the trio was able to salvage the group for one (more) last tour, one (more) last song and hang on [...]
When the market is in turmoil, you succeed by going upscale, not downscale. You don’t get down into the pit, you rise above it – Bob Lefsetz When we started LessThan3 back in 2010, it was nothing more than a few nouveau-ravers, birthed from the uprise in dance music’s popularity in the US, who wanted to share their favorite electronic [...]
Not even a great soundtrack could save Zac Efron’s EDM DJ star vehicle We Are Your Friends from grossing a mere $1.8 million in its first few nights, and having one of the worst opening weekends of a major studio release seen on over 2,000 screens in Hollywood history. While this suggests that this is the moment that EDM as a term can be [...]
Photos by Jon April Pictured above: Porter Robinson @ HARD Stage It’s 4:00 p.m. on the first day of HARD Summer, and Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson is gracing the Pink stage at the back corner of the Fairplex grounds. Despite competing with an eclectic selection in Anna Lunoe, Sweater Beats, Years & Years, and The Glitch Mob at [...]
When Quincy Jones–a legendary artist and music producer of albums including Michael Jackson’s Thriller–thinks that EDM is “a fad” and Steve Angello believes EDM is rapidly becoming a farce, it may be time for EDM as an industry and culture to really consider sustainability for the future. Yes, economic indicators show that EDM has a [...]
Whether you are a proponent of strict genre labeling or prefer a looser interpretation of musical categories, it’s easy to notice that genre titles have become increasingly more creative since the dawn of electronic music. Before “EDM,” everyone called anything remotely electronic “techno.” House went “deep,” but also went “gangsta.” [...]
Here we are again, enjoying the spoils of once more having taken an underground culture and slipped it under the door as pop culture. There’s a new electronic music festival popping up in every available sunny patch of land, and the radio is awash with sounds once heard only in dark warehouses, basements, and other fringe locations [...]
A fundraising campaign surrounding the “Amen Break” has been getting an overwhelming amount of attention on social media and the blogosphere recently. From artists like BT and Doc Scott to publishers like Rolling Stone and Resident Advisor, support for the campaign has translated to over $17,000 in contributions in just five days. So [...]
Splash - Babylon (Trace Remix) [Dee Jay]
Apollo Two - Atlantis (I Need You) (LTJ Bukem Remix) [Good Looking]
The Prodigy - Mindfields (Original Mix) [XL]
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