When the market is in turmoil, you succeed by going upscale, not downscale. You don’t get down into the pit, you rise above it – Bob Lefsetz When we started LessThan3 back in 2010, it was nothing more than a few nouveau-ravers, birthed from the uprise in dance music’s popularity in the US, who wanted to share their favorite electronic [...]
Well, we did it–we hit 200,000 fans on Facebook. We cannot say thank you enough to all of our fans who have been so supportive in our two-and-a-half years online. Every interview, every review, they’ve all been put on this site in hopes that you would become as obsessed with EDM as much as we here at LessThan3 have. We do this for you! [...]
Tom Wax & Alex Stadler - Welcome Back (Original Mix) [Recovery House]
Rater - Welcome (The Madison Remix) [Nanobeats]
We’ve hit our 2-year mark here at LessThan3, and we couldn’t be happier to be celebrating this with you, our readers. We’ve pumped out almost 2000 articles of the hottest tunes, reviews, and interviews in every genre of electronic music, hoping to bring you a unified experience that encompasses everything EDM is about. You guys have [...]
Skrillex & Damian Marley - Make It Bun Dem (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
On May 3rd, 2010, we here at LessThan3 posted our first post. Since then, our “little EDM site that could” has become a haven for the electronic dance music community, pumping out high-quality tracks, interviews, and merchandise to share our love of dance music with all of you. We would like to thank all of you for tuning in and [...]
Avicii - Bom (Original Mix) [Vicious]
Skrillex & Korn - Get Up
Hello LT3-ers; we have officially launched our YouTube channel! That’s right–now you can get the latest and greatest in LessThan3 EDM tracks and artist interviews in an easily digestible YouTube format. New songs will be added daily, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t have to miss out on any of the action! Our page is located at [...]
Wolfgang Gartner - Anthology (Madeon Mashup)
Thanks to the viewers who tuned into Ravine’s LessThan3 mix party on Sunday night! It was a blast to say the least, and for those of you looking to relive the fun just click here. Also, as you have requested, an audio version of the mix will be available on LessThan3 shortly. We received over 500 entries for the contest, and of the 30+ [...]
Mauro Picotto - Komodo (Tea Mix) [Nukleuz]
The votes are in! Youtube sensation DJ Ravine has received all your song submissions from our contest and is in the process of selecting the winning tracks now, which he will use in a live mix that will stream here on LessThan3! You will be able to view the live stream here at 11pm EST/8pm PST on Sunday, April 10th. For you Australian [...]
Chuckie - We Can't Hear Anybody Out There (Original Mix) [Dirty Dutch]
YouTube has provided the world with one very important means of exposing talent that we might not otherwise have ever heard of. Showing off his mixing prowess and unbelievable track selection, Ravine and his YouTube channel have amassed a strong following around the world, and now he’s teaming up with LessThan3 to bring you a new [...]
Klubfiller - Ravin N Misbehavin (Radio Edit) [I Love It]
Hello <3ers! It's a pleasure to announce that we've crossed the 5555 fan mark on our Facebook page! We're totally stoked! Wondering what the deal is with this number? Well, long ago a group of French musicians named Daft Punk released a little album called Discovery and quickly rocketlaunched into deity status as they imparted hits that [...]
Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger [EMI France]
Daft Punk - Aerodynamic [EMI France]
Daft Punk - Crescendolls [EMI France]
So Valentines Day is right around the corner, and soon enough everyone’s gonna be scrambling to find gifts to give this year. Look no further, citizens! Today we are offering all you fans out there a chance to cop some merch at a reduced price. Show your love by picking up a t-shirt from our merch page at 25% off!. You’ll also notice [...]
For Sale - My Imaginary Friend (Original Mix) [Dangerbox]
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