For veteran trancers, the subgenre of psytrance holds a special place in the heart. In a way, it’s the most primal form of their beloved genre, tapping into the aspects of dance music makes the mind trace endless circles. Having soaked up the psychedelic dance music of Israel since his arrival there at 15, Vlad Krishovein, aka Ghost [...]
Ghost Rider - One Gun (Original Mix) [Iboga Trance]
Ghost Rider & Megamind - The Way Out (Original Mix) [Iboga Trance]
Ghost Rider - Sweet Poison (Original Mix) [Iboga Trance]
Attention bassheads: what if I told you that Borgore, Document One and Figure all appeared on the credits for a single track? That’s right; three epic producers from separate three countries decided to collaborate and remix on one project together. None of these names should need much introduction, so sit back and witness the result. The [...]
Borgore feat Shay - Flex (Document One Remix) [Buygore]
Borgore feat Shay - Flex (Figure Remix) [Buygore]
Borgore feat Shay - Flex (Borgore Dubstep Instrumental Mix) [Buygore]
When producers bring interesting musical experience to the table, it usually follows that interesting productions are the result. Commix, a drum n’ bass duo from Cambridge, boasts just that. Formed in 2002, its founders once practiced the sax, flute and piano before venturing into hip-hop and dance music production. The result is drum n’ [...]
Commix - City Section (Original Mix) [Exit]
Commix - Time Has Come (Original Mix) [Metalheadz]
From Brighton in the UK comes Dismantle, a teenage prodigy who is part of a new wave of British bass out to redefine modern dubstep. Eschewing the mid-range chaos that’s become definitive of American bass music, Dismantle’s sound pays homage to the more minimal, “purple” sounds of British street bass that spawned the original sounds of [...]
Dismantle & Hizzleguy - Tryna Test (Original Mix) [Gangoon Dubz]
Emalkay feat Rod Azlan - Flesh & Bone (Dismantle Remix) [Dub Police]
After Gabriel & Dresden dropped their newest bomb, a lot of us were left wondering who their accomplices were in the credits. It was them versus Secret Panda Society, a Baltimore-based bass beats bunch (say that three times fast). Rob Stern and Joe Benny “ensure that no song is being safe from being morphed into a dance floor destroyer” [...]
Secret Panda Society - London's Calling (Original Mix) [Heavy Artillery]
Secret Panda Society feat Blue Flame - So Lost (Instrumental Mix) [Heavy Artillery]
Ever since the reunification, Gabriel & Dresden have been bringing the glory back to the decks in a series of huge shows, from last year’s UMF to this year’s ASOT 550. Now the legendary tag-team of trance went and made one of their first original tracks under the name since 2008. No Reservations might not be something that all classic [...]
Gabriel & Dresden & Secret Panda Society - No Reservations (Original Mix) [Armada]
Last week, Luvstep dropped once more, and after a first, a second, and a second-and-a-half iteration, the signature sound is still strong. Philadelphia DJs Dirty South Joe and Flufftronix have worked hard to bring you a mix of tender wobbles and soulful steps, a must-listen for brostep neophytes and dub veterans alike. If you’re not [...]
Arkasia feat Jay Jacob - Vanity (Original MIx)
Skrillex feat Ellie Goulding - Summit (Original Mix)
Andain - Promises (KOAN Sound Remix)
Breakthrough San Francisco producer Ken Loi has had nothing but success in the last year. He was invited by Tiesto to play the sold-out finale to the College Invasion Tour in Los Angeles, on top of gigs in Vegas and many hometown throwdowns at Ruby Skye. A clear favorite of the god of Dutch house, he’s got a hard, driving sound that’s [...]
Ken Loi - Play Me (Original Mix) [Big Beat]
Ken Loi - Electric Neon (Original Mix) [Big Beat]
Ken Loi - Blitz (Original Mix) [Big Beat]
Straight out of Vermont comes teenager Pierce Fulton, whose live sets have burned the dancefloors of Vegas, Ibiza, San Diego and beyond just in the past few months. There’s a definite pattern in these young prodigies and their paths to stardom, and Pierce Fulton is no exception. With a studied musical background and no limits to his [...]
Pierce Fulton - Who Wants Spaghetti? (Original Mix) [Cr2]
Varien is a noun, and it means transformation. The Tampa-based, Monstercat rookie takes sounds as we know them and mutilates them into dangerous basswaves. Making an appearance on Skrillex’s recent Bangarang EP, this guy is no brick in the wall to be ignored. With serious “knowledge of music theory and background as a video game music [...]
Varien - Throne of Ravens (Original Mix)
Varien - Mirrors (Original Mix) [Monstercat]
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