If there is one person that it is absolutely impossible not to mention when speaking about techno, it is the legendary Canadian Richie Hawtin. Hawtin was born in England in 1970, but moved to LaSalle, Ontario at age nine. LaSalle is located just across the river from Detroit, where his father worked as a robotics technician at General [...]
F.U.S.E. - Substance Abuse (Original Mix) [Plus 8]
Plastikman - Panikattack (Original Mix) [Plus 8]
One of my favorite things about dance music has always been how willing producers are to collaborate with each other. When artists work together, they don’t just each write their part of the song and then they’re done with it, they have to conscientiously work to accommodate each other’s individual style, which in turn creates a [...]
Pete Tong & Paul Rogers - Get It (Original Mix) [Toolroom]
If there’s one name that is really stirring things up in the breaks scene these days it’s got to be BSD, an enigmatic masked production duo that got its start in electro house in 2008. BSD is one of the foremost producers in this small but dedicated community, with an impressive four tracks currently on the Beatport.com breaks top ten, [...]
BSD & Access Denied - Ultimate (Original Mix)
Liz Melody & B-Phreak - Lost Your Mind (BSD Remix) [Lucky Break]
BSD - Hard-n-Bass (Original Mix) [Mental Machine Muzik]
When a person hears about a group that calls themselves The Dutchies, they probably feel safe making a few assumptions–namely that any group who would call themselves The Dutchies would be from Holland. In reality, The Dutchies hail from Sydney, Australia and they’re totally obsessed with Dutch house. If there were one track that could [...]
The Dutchies - I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Original Mix)
Staying current in the constantly-evolving world of dance music is arguably one of the most difficult challenges for established producers. We can all list DJs and producers that at one time or another ruled the charts and packed venues but now are barely heard from. With his recent successful release of Once Again on Umek’s 1605 [...]
Da Fresh - Warm Sand (Original Mix) [Definitive]
Da Fresh - Once Again (Original Mix) [1605]
With the stated goal of making Russia the most powerful nation in the world, DJ Antention is releasing some of the hardest tracks in the scene. Gettt! definitely raises the bar on just how much raw energy can be packed into a bassline–someone told me that this track sounds like “someone being murdered” and I think that pretty much sums [...]
DJ Antention - Gettt! (Original Mix)
DJ Antention - Jump! (Original Mix) [CRUX]
There’s a bright new star in in techno these days; an enigmatic producer going by the name Ramires on London-based FHD Records has been making waves in the minimal community with a steady stream of releases, starting in April 2010 with Cromo.  The best thing about Cromo is it’s pulsing, tech house-inspired bassline which gives the song [...]
Ramires - Cromo (Original Mix) [FHD]
Ramires - Crunch (Original Mix) [FHD]
Ramires & Babalao - Air-Con (Original Mix) [FHD]
Italian producer Angelo del Core aka AnGy KoRe is making serious waves in the techno and minimal community these days. Angelo first began DJing at local clubs in Italy when he was only fourteen and soon graduated to producing hardstyle. His early work garnered him a deal with SPIDERMIX records, who published all of his early work. At age [...]
AnGy KoRe - After The Show Message (Original Mix) [Malatoid]
AnGy KoRe - Techno Killer (Matteo Poker Remix) [Substudio]
Since 2004, Eric Prydz has received a considerable amount of well-deserved mainstream attention off his chart-topping singles such as Call On Me as well as his progressive house releases such as Miami to Atlanta under his alias Pryda. Many Eric Prydz listeners may be surprised to know that since the dawn of his professional career he has [...]
Cirez D - Exit (Original Mix) [Mouseville]
Cirez D - The Tumble (Original Mix) [Mouseville]
What happens when worlds collide? After listening to the new Bloody Beetroots remix of Dissolve by the Chemical Brothers there is only one possible answer: perfection. Old school UK big beat fuses perfectly with modern electro house in what is sure to be one of biggest tracks on dancefloors around the world this year. A melodic guitar [...]
Chemical Brothers - Dissolve (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) [Parlophone]
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