Welcome to the 27th installment of Stay Plugged In. This week we are all about the analogs. We review three free analog synthesizers that you will most definitely want to add to your stable. Phutura Fans of the Roland Alpha Juno series of synthesizers and the “Hoover sound” will be blown away by this plugin and its faithful emulation of [...]
Welcome to the 26th installment of Stay Plugged In where we serve up Chordz, a Metatron, and to top it all off, a Donk Machine. As usual, all the plugins reviewed are free and easily attainable by you, our readers. CodeFN42 Chordz v1.00 Chordz enables you to play chord progressions by triggering full chords playing just one note at a [...]
In this special installment of Stay Plugged In, Dutch DJ and Producer Leon Bolier looks into his collection and shares three of his favorite free plugins with us plus some tips on how to use them. As well as being an in-demand DJ, Leon Bolier is known for his many trance and, more recently, deep house productions, including the [...]
Redondo & Bolier feat. She Keeps Bees - Every Single Piece [Spinnin']
Welcome to our 24th installment of Stay Plugged In. This week, we’ve got triple synthesizers featuring supersaw to subtractive synth goodness. Now, let’s “bring the noise.” CFA Sound Super-7 First up, you are in for a treat as CFA Sound celebrates their seven-year anniversary with the release of a free supersaw synthesizer appropriately [...]
This installment of Stay Plugged In seeks to broaden your boundless selection of sounds by bringing you reviews of two synthesizers and one effect plugin. Saltline Swierk Swierk is Saltline Audio’s take on the classic subtractive synthesizer. Sound generation originates from four selectable sources, two oscillators, a sub oscillator, [...]
French hardware and software manufacturer Arturia announced the all-new BeatStep Pro controller and step-sequencer Jan. 22 at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show in Anaheim, California, which will offer producers a wide range of connectivity and options in a single compact device–a veritable Swiss army knife of [...]
Welcome to Stay Plugged In. In this installment we deliver bass, drums, and a very cool subtractive synthesizer. VST Zone U.F.O. Zone Edition U.F.O. Zone Edition is a three oscillator subtractive synthesizer. Two of the oscillators have a shared filter, which uses two LFOs to modulate the frequency. The third oscillator has a dedicated [...]
Welcome to the first installment of Stay Plugged In for the New Year. This time, we review two percussive and one hybrid synthesizer. 99 Sounds Clap Machine Clap Machine delivers very natural sounding claps by utilizing 99 Sounds’ “Hands Make Sounds” sample library. It features very basic controls, which include attack, release, volume, [...]
Welcome to Stay Plugged In 20. In this episode we bring you plenty of knob-tweaking fun in the form of three very excellent plugins. Softube Saturation Knob Softube Saturation Knob can be applied to all sorts of sounds where you feel a little more drive or punch is needed. It features three switchable modes that change the saturation [...]
Welcome to Stay Plugged In 19. In this installment we have a couple of great effects and a classic synthesizer plugin. TDR Kotelnikov Kotelnikov is a wideband dynamics processor that combines high fidelity dynamic range control with deep musical flexibility. It employs very powerful, state of the art, high precision algorithms. [...]
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