Clearly the electronic music field has never been so competitive. With chances at success coming and going as fast as the next fleeting sound, tomorrow’s stars are resorting to some very interesting tactics, indeed. Some are great. Some are not. While an ideal approach to marketing oneself is a moving target, here are some things we know [...]
The world’s largest rave got even bigger this year, and with it, our list of favorite memories. From TV star cameos to stunning theatrics and jaw-dropping stages, Insomniac definitely brought out the big guns for Electric Daisy Carnival 2015. Here are LessThan3’s 15 favorite bull’s eyes popped off by the dead-eyed funslingers of raving. [...]
Everyone’s got that one friend who scoffs at your library, despises anything remotely commercial, and never listens to anything someone else might recognize. Don’t bother trying to join them at their events, either–you’re already uninvited for asking. Don’t take it personally. They’re suffering from the side-effects of a condition known [...]
Voting has begun for DJ Mag‘s annual Top 100 Clubs, but it would seem there’s been a leak of the top portion of the yet-unveiled list, although due to visible security measures on the file, we cannot confirm its origins. While the available portion only displays the top 11 or so entries with #12 cut off and illegible, if it’s authentic, [...]
The past 12 months have seen the continued resurgence of the music video as both a unique marketing tool and a dynamic art form, giving fans a new way to enjoy their favorite tunes while offering artists a second pass at the initial expressive act through an added medium. From thought-provoking to gut-busting, authentic to fantastic, and [...]
Between shutdowns over deaths, mass surveillance, invasive drug searches, and freak storms, the once-lauded New York festival known as Electric Zoo seems to have reached the point of no return. Here are our predictions of the people who will likely be headlining the 2015 edition, if it happens at all: 1. NYPD Commissioner William [...]
Is the life of a world-famous DJ twice as hard as it looks? No, it’s 50 million times harder. Look at all this sh*t they have to deal with: #AwardProblems #BeatportProblems #TravelProblems #HitProblems #HotelProblems #GirlProblems #NameProblems #HairProblems #TourProblems #InterviewProblems #FlashbackProblems
We can hear the sound of kittens being strangled somewhere, which means that somebody else is trying to reach the youth of the world by aligning themselves with their idea of “EDM.” We’ve got R. Kelly ready to bandwagon the sh*t out of this thing with an R. Kelly “house album,” whatever that means… and what better way to return to [...]
It’s nobody’s fault but your own if you don’t prepare properly and haven’t the good sense to cheat. It’s Friday Favorites 64. Josh Bennett Big Room/Trance | Axwell vs Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl feat. Georgi Kay|In My Mind (Andrew Rayel Rebuild) This “rebuild” of In My Mind by Andrew Rayel may not be the most innovative musical piece you’ve [...]
Ace Of Base - All That She Wants (SNBRN x KLATCH Remix)
Skrillex - Stranger (Atom_X Bootleg)
Duke Dumont - Won't Look Back (Original Mix) [Virgin]
Anna Lunoe - All Out (Club Mix) [Ultra]
Shiba San - Okay [dirtybird]
Saer - Event Horizon (Original Mix) [Sounds Of Elysium]
Sango - 206 [Soulection]
Speakers, headphones, vape pens, condoms–nothing is safe from becoming a tool of the music marketing machine. You want our advice (although we strongly advise you don’t take it)? If you’re still toying around with clothing and such, join the big leagues, and put your name and face on something with flair, like, say, road flares! GTA, [...]
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