We’ve teamed up with Sharkoffs twice this year for two utterly club shattering tracks, Beast Mode and Bossa Nova Soul, but it seems the Miami producer has struck gold with his newest release, a festival-ready anthem alongside singer Daniel Simmons titled Better Side of You. Sharkoffs has definitely established a signature sound over the [...]
Sharkoffs feat. Daniel Simmons - Better Side of You (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
If you’ve ever been in a conversation about quality headphones, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the name Sennheiser. The German-born phonics company has always been a staple in the audio industry, offering a range of products for professionals and budding enthusiasts alike with uncompromising standards in sound and build quality. The [...]
Little Boots - Headphones (Moon Boots Remix)
If it’s heart-pounding and melodic house that you’re looking for, Miami’s Sharkoffs has got you covered. The rising producer’s new track, Intergalactic, has all of the elements needed for a proper liftoff. Be it a celestial melody or a drop that effectively blasts you off, this tune presents itself with some brilliant imagery. The heavy [...]
There’s no doubt that EDM is one of music’s most rapidly evolving scenes, with influential artists and sounds breaking out on a weekly basis. One of the bigger changes that seems to be happening is the acceptance of acts that drift from the cookie cutter mainstage formulas, instead incorporating a wider range of musical influences and [...]
We’re excited to lend a hand in the artist launch of Elk Road as he steps out of the woodwork with a delightfully groovy and bass-driven premiere EP, titled Waiting For Your Waves to Pass. The release starts off with Diamond, a mature and catchy track with both folk and western influences, something that works surprisingly well at 110 [...]
Anonymous producer Sharkoffs followed up last month’s melodic stomper, Beast Mode, with Bossa Nova Soul today, a fidget electro-inspired ragefest destined for dark and sweaty dancefloor annihilation. Both attitude-filled and catchy, well mixed drums are essential for this brand of electro, and Bossa Nova Soul packs a serious punch in [...]
Label newcomer Sharkoffs makes a big splash with his debut track on LessThan3 Recordings, a melodic stomper by the name of Beast Mode. The tune is in your face from start to finish, as the name might suggest. Rafter-rattling percussion and an attention-commanding lead in the drops make the track larger than life, but where Beast Mode [...]
Sharkoffs - Beast Mode (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Shapes of Light turns it up a few notches for their latest release on LessThan3 Recordings, an acid monster by the name of Get Some. Kinetic and unapologetically raging, Get Some thrives as a festival jaw-dropper. Sexy vocal samples add the perfect touch of attitude to complement the track’s slamming approach. Like what you hear? Grab [...]
Shapes of Light - Get Some (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Australian artist Informant makes his long-awaited return to LessThan3 Recordings, following up his multi-genre chart-topping 2012 EP, Glowing Up, with Estocada, a club-ready electro tune set to put the young Aussie back on the map. Melodic and intrinsically fun, Estocada is at it’s core a dance tune. Rather than offering an “epic build” [...]
Informant - Estocada (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
The more I started getting into music a few years ago the more people drilled into my head that it was worth investing in a nice pair of headphones. Just about everyone seemed to have their opinion about which pair of cans was best to grab, but the recommendation that I heard far more than any other headphone or headphone company was to [...]
Maya Jane Coles - Comfort [IAMME]
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