When discussing the most ground-breaking labels in US electronic music, it’s hard to not bring up Mad Decent, the label created by Diplo in Philadelphia in 2005 which has given rise to the likes of Dillon Francis, Baauer, Yellow Claw, and many others. The creativity present in the music Mad Decent releases is also clearly apparent in the [...]
OWSLA, the LA-based record label headed none other than Skrillex has been home to releases by some of the biggest and most diverse artists in the scene. Naturally, with this eclectic mix of music has come a large number of stellar videos. Below we highlight some of our favorites from the diverse label. WATCH THE FULL PLAYLIST HERE [...]
Slander, LA’s fastest rising trap duo, is back with DEAD, the second single off their upcoming Duality EP, and it’s an absolute scorcher. As a follow-up to the Nuclear Bonds EP that they released with fellow LA producer NGHTMRE in May, Slander’s new EP is already shaping up to be another winner. DEAD is an intense experience from start [...]
Slander - DEAD (Original Mix) [Free Download]
With the rise of electronic music in the US over the past decade, it comes as no surprise that artists from many other genres have collaborated with electronic music producers. One of the most popular combinations over the past few years has been the melding of electronic music and rap. Below, we’ve picked 10 of our favorite videos [...]
Animated music videos have been around almost since the start of music video production–a-ha’s video for Take On Me released in 1985 and became the first animated video to run on MTV. They give artists the chance to create limitless visuals for the videos as they are not reliant on actors, scenery, or locations. Below, we’ve picked 10 of [...]
Music videos that incorporate special effects are certainly not uncommon, especially when it comes to the electronic music genre. Some incorporate these effects better than others and find unique ways to enhance the music that they are paired with. Below, we’ve picked 10 of our favorite music videos that incorporate special effects in [...]
Electronic music has been around and kicking for decades, so it should come as no surprise that some classic music videos exist for many of the most influential tracks over the years. In the first installment of our Throwbacks playlist, we take a look at some of these videos that helped to pave the way for the hits of today. Be sure to [...]
Orlando producers IVARR and K1K0 have joined forces for the powerful, unrelenting Warning. Think you can handle it? You’ve been warned. IVARR and K1K0 are known for their high energy electro-leaning tracks so it comes as no surprise that Warning features a glitchy, deep bassline and high-pitched electro synths that build and explode [...]
IVARR & K1K0 - Warning (Original Mix) [Free Download]
When Melbourne bounce and big room house collide, you tend to get wild, upbeat party music, and for a case in point, here is Philly producers Taurus & Vaggeli’s new track Dirty Mama. Melbourne bounce borrows a lot of its sound from Dutch house which is clearly present in Dirty Mama with it’s high-pitched synths and immense levels of [...]
Taurus & Vaggeli - Dirty Mama (Original Mix) [Crowd Records]
San Francisco-based producers Giraffage (pictured left) and Viceroy (right) team up for Impression of You, their first original together recently released on Dim Mak. The collaboration between these two may not seem like an immediate no-brainer with Giraffage leaning towards ambient, chill electronic music and Viceroy producing more [...]
Giraffage & Viceroy feat. Patrick Baker - Impression of You (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]
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