The highly anticipated EP from KOAN Sound has finally arrived! The Adventures Of Mr. Fox marks the latest in glitchy, hip-hoppy, groovy electronica from the duo from across the pond. To say the EP has character is an understatement–every song packs a humongous wallop and are all unique in their own right. From hard-hitting grime to [...]
KOAN Sound - 80s Fitness (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
KOAN Sound - Sly Fox (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
KOAN Sound - Introvert (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Neuroscience Deep has caught my attention; their release of posh beats and forward-thinking melodies have put them on the top of my list for progressive house. The label recently reached their milestone 100th release with the Hot Air Balloons EP from Blend & EcueD. The release is a melodic journey brought to life by the duo, tinted ever [...]
Blend & EcueD - Hot Air Balloons (Original Mix) [Neuroscience]
Blend & EcueD - Hot Air Balloons (Kobana Remix) [Neuroscience]
Today’s latest entry into the world that is indie beats brings us to comic horror, as Los Angeles’ Gaslamp Killer drops a frightfully good EP in anticipation of his upcoming full-length. The Flange Face EP is full of ghostly beats and undead frequencies. I would suggest that the cautious listener take a breath before diving in, because [...]
The Gaslamp Killer feat Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Flange Face (Original Mix) [Brainfeeder]
The Gaslamp Killer feat Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Flange Face (Low End Theory Edit) [Brainfeeder]
The Gaslamp Killer feat Dimlite - Seven Years Of Bad Luck For Fun (Original Mix) [Brainfeeder]
Ladies and gentlemen, the hottest collaboration of 2012 is finally here in the form of Dog Blood, the monster project from two of the industry’s top DJs: Skrillex and Boys Noize. The silent premier of their hot new EP, simply titled Middle Finger, dropped on 8/12, and fans have since figured out from the artists’ social media outlets [...]
Dog Blood - Next Order (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Dog Blood - Middle Finger (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
You might remember a while back when Toothless brought you an experimental drum’n’bass sensation by the name of Feint. Now the young prodigy from Manchester is back with some with forward-thinking dnb in the form of the Horizons EP. Serene and warm in nature, the EP take the listener on an audacious journey. As you could probably tell [...]
Feint feat Veela - Horizons (Original Mix) [Subsphere]
Feint feat Veela - Horizons (Moleman Remix) [Subsphere]
Feint feat Veela - Horizons (Stan SB Remix) [Subsphere]
RAC have just hit a milestone 20,000 likes on their Facebook Page. We know just how huge facebook milestones can be, so we wanted to re-share what the boys from RAC have done to celebrate. They are giving away a free rework of Daft Punk’s Something About Us. When I say rework, I really mean they reworked the whole thing from the ground [...]
RAC feat Liz Anjos - Something About Us (Original Mix)
RAC feat Penguin Prison - Hollywood (Original Mix)
If you have great taste in house music, then you know who Fred Falke is. Chances are if you know who Fred Falke is, then you are also a fan of high-octane, fist-pumping tunes. That’s what he gives us in his latest venture with The Knocks. It’s titled Geronimo, probably because it’s the equivalent of the rush of free-falling from a 1,000 [...]
The Knocks & Fred Falke - Geronimo (Original Mix) [Kitsune]
The Knocks & Fred Falke - Geronimo (Louis La Roche Remix) [Kitsune]
The Knocks & Fred Falke - Geronimo (Aylen Remix) [Kitsune]
I always jump at the chance to post about a remix of The xx. Blogs around the Internet have been abuzz after the band recently released their newest single, Angels. As can be expected, producers have been equally excited about this to showcase their stuff on a remix. Enter Mirrors, who has remixed Angels it into a chill, downtempo tune. [...]
The xx - Angels (Mirrors Remix)
Everyone’s favorite dubstep badboy, Rusko, is up and at ‘em again with his brand new single, Thunder. To celebrate its release, dnb duo Tantrum Desire has just set things off with a big room remix of the dub master’s release. It’s all about the uplifting vocals and crushing dnb riffs in TD’s take on Thunder. The level of [...]
Rusko - Thunder (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]
Rusko - Thunder (Tantrum Desire Remix) [Mad Decent]
It seems that the hottest upcoming genre in the game, trap, is spreading to all of the biggest names in the industry–including Dirty Dutchman Chuckie. Chuckie’s latest release, a trap-Dutch house hybrid called Mek Money, comes at you for free! If you like mekkin’ money, click through for maximum dinero. The release comes as a [...]
Chuckie & MRK1 & Doctor - Mek Money (Original Mix)
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