Eats Everything burst his way onto the scene about a year ago. A highly rated DJ in his locale, the man made a name for himself with his self-titled EP and soulful smash hit Entrance Song, which earned him a spot on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 Radio show. Now, Eats Everything has released his newest EP, Jagged Elbow, which carries with it [...]
Eats Everything - Entrance Song (Original Mix) [Pets]
Eats Everything - Jagged Edge (Original Mix) [Pets]
Eats Everything - This Elbow (Original Mix) [Pets]
“How that truth sounds is naturally your choice.” These were Emika’s words in reference to her remix contest where contestants were instructed to use stems provided on SoundCloud from her track 3 Hours and turn them into a masterpiece of bass music. Ninja Tune has such an eclectic spread of artists that it’s hard to put a pin on how any [...]
Emika - 3 Hours (Original Mix) [Ninja Tune]
Emika - Hit Me (Original Mix) [Ninja Tune]
Emika - 3 Hours (Kilon Tek Remix) [Ninja Tune]
Let’s be honest–everyone loves a little bit of disco. Avrosse loves disco too, and to celebrate that love, he’s released his new track Disco Sh*t, a funky tune permeated by vocal samples settling over a percussive minimal beat. It’s a great introduction to Avrosse, who at the age of 24 has heads turning all across the minimal scene. We [...]
Avrosse - Disco Sh*t (Original Mix) [Droplet]
Avrosse - The Joke's On You (Original Mix) [Strict]
Yeasayer has a new single for all us fans of the offbeat, and it’s free! Their third release since Odd Blood in 2010, all that we can say is that we hope that Henrietta is followed up by more from the group. Henrietta conjures imagery of skipping through the sky. What makes this track cool is how it maintains that indie vibe with [...]
Yeasayer - Henrietta (Original Mix) [Secretly Canadian]
Our boy ChrisB. has been keeping it rockin’ proper on the West Coast! Recently, he blew us away with his smooth EP Lush, composed of the sumptuous title track and the notable What’s a Half Step Among Friends? (free download here). That’s not all, though! ChrisB.’s SoundCloud page has been a gold mine for glitched out, bassy tracks as of [...]
ChrisB. - Lush (Original Mix)
ChrisB. - What's A Half Step Among Friends? (Original Mix)
ChrisB. - On A Whim (Original Mix)
Some exciting news for fans of Minnesota: he just released a new EP! Titled Astral Projection, the EP almost crept under the radar had it not been for me stumbling across the accompanying mix that Minnesota did (that’s available for free download). The EP consists of 3 tracks: Relax, Stardust, and Astral Projection, each with its own [...]
Minnesota - Relax (Original Mix)
Minnesota - Stardust (Original Mix)
Minnesota - Astral Projection (Original Mix)
Since they burst onto the scene back in 2005, Jas Ford and James Shaw have been making waves as Simian Mobile Disco. The release of their third studio album, Unpatterns, sees them extending themselves in new directions. If you listen to this album, and then go back and listen to their first album Attack Decay Sustain Release, you’ll see [...]
Simian Mobile Disco - Seraphim (Original Mix) [Wichita]
Simian Mobile Disco - A Species Out Of Control (Original Mix) [Wichita]
Simian Mobile Disco - Interference (Original Mix) [Wichita]
It’s been almost 5 months since Joker’s Essential Mix dropped on BBC’s Radio 1. I don’t care what anyone else says, that mix was as good as it gets. Still, the mix left our mouths salivating, wanting more–some of the tracks on the mix hadn’t even been announced, let alone released. Well, Joker just dropped his Skitta on Kapsize [...]
Joker - Skitta (Original Mix) [Kapsize]
Joker feat Newham Generals - I Think You Should Know (Original Mix) [Kapsize]
I’m just gonna come right out and say it: Slugabed’s new LP is just way too good! We love Slugabed and company for the constant stream of melodic, synth heavy glitch hop that he puts out. One beat after another, Slugabed has been heralding a new-wave style that will surely prove successful. His new album, Time Team (album artwork above), [...]
Slugabed - Dragon Drums (Original Mix) [Ninja Tune]
Slugabed - New Worlds (Original Mix) [Ninja Tune]
Slugabed - Mountains Come Out Of The Sky (Original Mix) [Ninja Tune]
Seemingly out of nowhere, Sub Focus has dropped his new EP Out The Blue, a remix release focused around the title track. The EP is very true to the Sub Focus that old fans will love, and has a well-rounded sound that new fans will need to know. It’s drum’n’bass the Sub Focus way–fast, exciting, and uplifting. Out The Blue itself is old [...]
Sub Focus feat Alice Gold - Out The Blue (Radio Edit) [RAM]
Sub Focus feat Alice Gold - Out The Blue (Laidback Luke Remix) [RAM]
Sub Focus feat Alice Gold - Out The Blue (Xilent Remix) [RAM]
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