After a noticeable period of inactivity, Australia-based internet label Enig’matik Records has officially disbanded. Their once well-designed website is now desolate–completely blank except for the single solemn message, “this account has been suspended.” The label made its announcement via an understated Facebook post: After considering [...]
Grouch - Reverse Entropy (Hedflux Remix) [Enig'matik]
Grouch & Olie Bassweight - Entropath (Whitebear Remix)
Circuit Bent - Slurm (Original Mix) [Enig'matik]
Chris Komus - A Life All Pair Shaped (Original Mix)
Auma & Desiseq - Chute (Original Mix) [Enig'matik]
Goosebumpz - Venom (Original Mix) [Enig'matik]
Quanta - Create Culture (Original Mix) [Enig'matik]
Hypnagog - 3 Pounds of Jelly (Original Mix) [Enig'matik]
Auma - Here and Now (Original Mix) [Enig'matik]
Sensient - Focalise (Original Mix) [Enig'matik]
Desiseq - RetfirdKcab (Original Mix) [Enig'matik]
Bogtrotter hails from Minneapolis, but it sounds more like he’s emerged from a slimy test tube from an Area 51 laboratory. His trippy, drippy downtempo and menacing, experimental breaks have been leaving a soaked trail of grime and slop across Shanti Planti and Merkaba Music this past year. But his latest EP, Catawompus, has completed [...]
Bogtrotter - Cosmojig (Original Mix) [Shanti Planti]
Bogtrotter - Catawompus (Original Mix) [Shanti Planti]
Bogtrotter - Rhythms (Original Mix) [Shanti Planti]
You may not have heard of Australian producer Tim Shiel, but he’s closer to your radar than you think. He’s good friends with Gotye, and has become an essential part of his live show, helping to set up the mapping and controllers that allow the band to put on such an engaging performance. He’s also created a series of quirky and eclectic [...]
Tim Shiel - 8pm Eternal (Original Mix)
Tim Shiel - Vincent Cassel (Original Mix)
Tim Shiel - Shippedmy (Original Mix)
Bass-heads rejoice–Lorin Ashton, aka Bassnectar, has returned with Noise vs Beauty, another full-length album to add to his already massive discography of bass-heavy home runs. You can tell that Ashton put a lot into this one. He took a six-month break from touring. He took a cue from Skrillex’s last album and filled up a clown car with [...]
Bassnectar - Loco Ono (Original Mix) [Amorphus]
Bassnectar feat. W. Darling - You & Me (Original Mix) [Amorphus]
Bassnectar - So Butterfly (2014 Version) [Amorphus]
The ever-prolific Lone dropped his sixth LP Reality Testing June 16 after months of providing sneak peeks left and right. Continuing the trend of 2012’s Galaxy Garden, Reality Testing is obsessed with nostalgia. Lone gives a lot of attention to early ’90s hip hop, and plenty of people will pigeonhole the new album into the J Dilla [...]
Lone - Cutched Under (Original Mix) [R&S]
Lone - Jaded (Original Mix) [R&S]
Lone - Airglow Fires (Original Mix) [R&S]
There aren’t many bands who can claim to have toured with Skrillex and lived on Skid Row within the same year, but contradictions have become the norm for Florida’s Hundred Waters. Here is a band that makes serene pop, yet they sit on OWSLA, a label primarily inhabited by dubstep and electro house producers. And while electronic sounds [...]
Hailing from Paris, Mr. Flash has been producing singles, EPs, DJ mixes, and other one-off releases for nearly 14 years. Over the course of his discography, he’s developed a unique cocktail of nu disco grooves, galactic 80s synths, and light electro. But his debut full-length, Sonic Crusader, secures him an even more distinct reputation. [...]
Mr. Flash - Midnight Blue feat. Surahn (Original Mix) [Ed Banger]
Mr. Flash - Dazzle in the Dusk (Original Mix) [Ed Banger]
Mr. Flash - Domino Part A (Original Mix) [Ed Banger]
British alt-soul singer SLK has been building buzz with the help of mentions by BBC Radio and MTV, and assisted by her producer Embody, her debut EP Form has set her up to emerge as one of the more original voices in electronic pop. This is quite an accomplishment for a work that opens up with a minute-long exercise in experimental [...]
SLK - Ride (Original Mix) [Prism]
SLK - Be (Original Mix) [Prism]
SLK - Call (Original Mix) [Prism]
Los Angeles’ Birdee is too cool for you. You can throw on your most stylish sunglasses, don a leather jacket, and drive a Mercedes-Benz with the top down, but unless you also happen to be the Fonz, Birdee’s music will still make you feel like a Dungeons & Dragons geek at a chess club meeting. By merging funk, disco, and electro house, [...]
Birdee - So Good (Original Mix) [Vicious B*tch]
Birdee - So Good (Punks Jump Up Remix) [Vicious B*tch]
Birdee - So Good (Filterkat Remix) [Vicious B*tch]
Metrist’s preview of his forthcoming EP, The People Without, shows that the squalid corner of dark, minimal techno really is capable of hooking listeners who wouldn’t normally be attracted to experimental music. As confrontational as his lo-fi drum selection and industrial clanging noises get, there are ins for people who may not get [...]
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