After delivering legendary experiences at Burning Man for years, the Robot Heart crew had certainly set the bar high for their own independent festival, which they dubbed Further Future. Fans around the world–myself included–hardly even researched the event before finding a ticket–a testament to the strength of the brand they’ve [...]
It’s finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Ultra Music Festival has already been announced to span two spectacular consecutive weekends (even after some complainers tried to prevent that from coming true). and they’ve done a fantastic job securing a top-notch list for Phase 1 that could well be a full festival in itself. But [...]
Crystal Castles - Affection [Polydor]
Don Diablo - M1 Stinger (glAdiator Remix)
Maya Jane Coles - Easier To Hide (Original Mix) [I/AM/ME]
If you ask electro artists who they love in the EDM world, Lazy Rich comes up almost every time. This guy seems to do it all; aside from his DJ/production, he runs Label Engine–which provides just about every kind of service you can imagine for labels–and electro label titan Big Fish–which has released countless now-huge artists’ work, [...]
Lazy Rich - Insomnia (Original Mix) [Rising]
Brian Trifon and his brother Lawrence teamed up to form Trifonic in 2005 and released their debut album Emergency in 2008. Since then they have released several EPs as they further grow into their sound. We covered them last year when Quadcore was released on Anjunadeep, a memorable tune featuring progressive house kingpins Boom Jinx, [...]
Trifonic feat BRML - Life In Here (Original Mix)
Trifonic - Santa Rosa (Original Mix)
Trifonic feat BRML - Forget (Original Mix)
Otographic Music label head Kenji Sekiguchi has a great deal to be proud of. His label continues to pump out incredible releases that push the Japanese trance and progressive scene forward. I still hear from artists and DJs from Arty to Porter Robinson that Nhato’s Etude is a masterpiece and one of the best albums of the year. With UMF [...]
LessThan3 pres. Tokyo Bliss - Guest Mix 022 - Kenji Sekiguchi
We may have grown used to KIWAMU at the Tokyo Bliss decks–this marking his 3rd episode–but it would be damn near impossible to ever tire of his dreamy deep house sets. It’s hard to imagine anyone resisting the enthralling lure of the opening few tracks, a taste of some of the mental daydreams KIWAMU will lead the listener through over [...]
LessThan3 pres. Tokyo Bliss - Guest Mix 021 - KIWAMU
Shingo Nakamura is the man behind the mix of the 20th episode of Tokyo Bliss. A quick look at the superb tracklist reveals an arrangement and his mixing choices make his expert set crafting abilities abundantly clear. Though none of Shingo’s own tracks made their way into this mix, fellow labelmate Nhato’s Hello World–one of my personal [...]
LessThan3 pres. Tokyo Bliss - Guest Mix 020 - Shingo Nakamura
Tokyo Bliss is back for its 19th exploration into the trance and progressive scene through the eyes of Japan’s leading label in the space. Otographic Music label head Kenji Sekiguchi is the man behind this mix in this month’s edition and he’s got a pack of soothing grooves to lay down on your ears. The mix showcases some amazing new [...]
LessThan3 pres. Tokyo Bliss - Guest Mix 019 - Kenji Sekiguchi
Mim & Liv already had a famed career writing for the likes of Kylie Minogue and Armin van Buuren, but now the twins have launched their own act under their NERVO surname. Read our interview where they talk about their most famous songs & some exciting upcoming collaborations.
NERVO - You're Gonna Love Again (Extended Mix) [Astralwerks]
Otographic Music has welcomed a new addition to their impressive roster of trance and progressive artists and he is kicking off Episode #18 of our beloved Tokyo Bliss series. Aran got his start in music mostly for video games, but has taken the plunge into the EDM world with amazing results. Get a taste of what he is capable of with [...]
LessThan3 pres. Tokyo Bliss - Guest Mix 018 - Aran
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