For those of you who remember TastemakerX as the app that gamifies music listening by using street cred to incentivize music curation, you may be surprised by their 2.0 version. Not only did they reimagine the entire interface (which, by the way, is only compatible with iOS 7 for efficiency), but they also reimagined the entire premise [...]
iOS 7 has shaken up the app world with a whole new redesign, and many of your favorite apps are following suit. A few days ago, Musaic released their 1.5 version, with the main difference being that it is fully compatible with the new operating system. But this isn’t the only reason you should try Musaic–the user experience is simple, [...]
When it comes to streaming music on your mobile device, there aren’t many free options for on-demand listening. Many of the apps with the largest music database also charge a fee for non-radio services. You might turn to YouTube, where you can almost always find the song you’re looking for. But this has its own problems: You can’t open [...]
StarComposer was only released six days ago, and it’s already topping music app charts in 45 countries. Using an adorable animated band and simple instrument loops, the app makes writing songs easier and more fun than ever before, whether you’re a child or an experienced songwriter. And the best part: you can download it for free in the [...]
TuneIn is helping bring traditional radio from your car to all your devices. With their new 4.0 version, the overall user experience has seen some nice upgrades. If you’re new to the app, TuneIn is a radio streaming app and website that features over 70,000 live radio stations (including your favorite local ones), in addition to sports, [...]
If you’re looking to change up the way you discover music, why not start locally? Timbre, a location-based music discovery app, helps you streamline the process of finding concerts in your area. Try it for free in the app store! Open the app, and click on the Timbre icon to browse nearby concerts. You’ll be taken to a beautifully sleek [...]
You’re watching your favorite TV show, or you’re eating at your favorite restaurant, and a song comes on. You love it. You reach for your favorite music recognition app. Maybe it’s Shazam, maybe it’s not. But with their new facelift, here’s why next time, it will be Shazam. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the app, Shazam [...]
If you’ve ever had the problem of wanting to go to a concert with someone but not knowing which artists you have in common (or how to invite them), Jukely may be able to help you. Download Jukely for free in the iPhone app store and try it out. As the app loads, you get a glimpse of their charming tagline, “Music sounds better with [...]
Hey non-musicians: here’s an app that you can enjoy just as much as the musicians. Ear Wizard, a new app by Wizdom Music, helps you train your musical ear and memory—except it won’t feel anything like the music lessons you might remember from childhood, and it’s free. For starters, your instructor is a funny little wizard man with a [...]
Splyce, the fancy music player with audio and visual magical powers as the App Store calls it, will make you enjoy your music collection in a whole new way. It is the latest creation of Barcelona-based InQBarna, the same people who brought you other music apps like deej, TunerTool, and Riffer. After a quick tutorial, you are directed [...]
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